Friday, June 4, 2010

Word Challenge: robur ergo et ratio

Here is the list of words for today's word challenge - ratio (rationis, f.) - -ne (enclitic question particle) - pater (patris, m.) - daemon (daemonis, m.) - arripio (arripere). I was not quite sure where to go with this one, since there are a lot of possible combinations here, and no clear value terms. Pater can often be a positive term, but it would also be possible to associate that word with daemon; likewise ratio can be something positive, but it can also be just an account or reckoning, value neutral.

So, I decided to start with the -ne and create a rhetorical question with nonne, expecting an affirmative answer. I think followed that rhetorical question up with a logical conclusion - with both pater and ratio on the "good" side of the balance after all:
Nonne appetitus, sicut daemon malignus, nos huc et illuc arripit? Robur ergo et ratio, sapientiae pater et mater, semper nobis colendi sunt.
I ended up being pleased with this one: I like the pairing of robur and ratio as being the pater and mater of sapientia. The noun robur is technically neuter, but in these kinds of metaphorical statements, neuter nouns get to be treated as if they were masculine - so robur, I think, can be the father of wisdom, just as the neuter tempus can be a father in this famous saying: Tempus veritatis pater.

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