Thursday, June 3, 2010

Word Challenge: ars longa, vita brevis

When I saw today's word challenge - is, ea, id (eius) - longus, longa, longum - ars (artis, f.) - puer (pueri) - invito (invitare) - of course Horace's famous dictum Ars longa, vita brevis sprang to mind, so that is what I based on my sentence on. Instead of amplifying on Horace's words, which seem perfect already, I decided to add a commentary to the end of the proverb, explaining its meaning by way of a metaphor:
Ars longa, vita brevis: ambitio enim nos invitat, pueros et puellas, ad Musarum convivium; senes profecto anusque ab eo recedimus, etiam esuriens.
It's a bit pessimistic, but so is Horace's original saying... not to mention that I could spend all the rest of my years working on Latin, and never come close to what Horace achieved with his art. Still, I keep on writing: I'm going to put my time at the banquet of the Muses, however short, to good use! :-)

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