Saturday, June 5, 2010

Word Challenge: ne tota quidem raio perit

When I saw the words for today's challenge - summus, summa, summum - ratio (rationis, f.) - inde (adv.) - quidam, quaedam, quoddam (cuiusdam) - remaneo (remanere) - I immediately thought about a really moving multimedia feature at the New York Times I watched yesterday about Alzheimers; you can listen to the stories at the Patient Voices series here. I'm not sure why, but of the many different pieces I have read about Alzheimer's in the NYTimes over the past few years, this one really had a big impact on me.

So, here is what I wrote for today's challenge:
Ne tota quidem ratio perit; etiamsi summa discedit, inde quaedam eius pars remanet.
Let's all hope that quaedam pars sufficiet...

~ ~ ~

If you came up with something good for today's Vocabulary Challenge, share the results in a comment here at the blog! Meanwhile, here are my past answers to the Vocabulary Challenge each day.

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