Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vocabulary Challenge: quanta cura, tanta fortuna

The words in today's challenge are quite abstract:

refero (referre) - quantus, quanta, quantum - dignus, digna, dignum - verus, vera, verum - cura (curae)

I decided to make use of two ideas in making my statement for today. First of all, I wanted to use a correlative expression with quantus-tantus; correlative expressions make for powerful proverbs in Latin. Also I wanted to play with the idea of cura and fortuna: it seems to me that the best way to be "lucky" is to pay attention and be careful - if you can do that, good luck will follow (similarly, it's not right to blame "bad luck" when the real fault is being careless or not paying attention).

So, here's what I came up with:
Cura, si vera, res dignas semper refert: quanta cura, tanta fortuna!
I really like the quanta-tanta part. :-)

~ ~ ~

If you came up with something good for today's Vocabulary Challenge, share the results in a comment here at the blog! Meanwhile, here are my past answers to the Vocabulary Challenge each day.

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