Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vocabulary Challenge: omnia fert aetas

Here are the words for today's vocabulary challenge:

primus, prima, primum - sanctus, sancta, sanctum - arripio (arripere) - aetas (aetatis, f.) - ex (prep. + abl.)

As soon as I saw the words arripere and aetas, I thought of the famous saying in Vergil: omnia fert aetas, meaning "time bears all things away" from Eclogue 9: Omnia fert aetas, animum quoque; saepe ego longos / cantando puerum memini me condere soles.

So I decided to use today's words to amplify that idea, building on it this way:
Omnia fert aetas, e manibus meis arripiens et prima et pessima tollensque e mundo et sancta et scelesta.
I tried to build in various parallels with some sound-play, too, like in the pairing of the opposites prima and pessima, and the opposites sancta et scelesta, along with the contrast between the personal experience of e manibus meis and the collective e mundo.

So far, I think is my favorite one of the vocabulary challenges I have done, since the saying omnia fert aetas is one of my favorites to begin with!

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If you came up with something good for today's Vocabulary Challenge, share the results in a comment here at the blog! Meanwhile, here are my past answers to the Vocabulary Challenge each day. :-)

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