Monday, July 5, 2010

Word Challenge: fata mea interrogo

Here are the words for the challenge - very heavy on verbs, and I have to choose all the nouns myself! quasi (adv.) - ago (agere) - interrogo (interrogare) - fugio (fugere) - pono (ponere). So, since the word of the day is fatum, that's what came to mind, and here's the result:
Fata mea interrogo: Quid agam? Vos dura et inexorabilia fugere non licet, sed scire volo quae futura mihi ponatis, prorsus quasi sciens non timeam.
~ ~ ~

If you came up with something good for today's Vocabulary Challenge, share the results in a comment here at the blog! Meanwhile, here are my past answers to the Vocabulary Challenge each day.

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