Friday, July 22, 2011

Verbum Hodiernum: MAIOR

Today's word is MAIOR, the irregular comparative form of the adjective magnus. Note also the neuter singular form: maius.

We get quite a few words from this Latin root, including the word "mayor," along with words like "major" and "majority." Note also the phrase "major domo" from the Latin maior domūs, "chief of the household." The island of Majorca also gets its name from this root, being the largest of the Balearic Islands.

Here are some examples of today's word in Latin sayings and proverbs; for more information, see the page at the Scala Sapientiae, which contains notes on some of the proverbs cited below, as well as additional proverbs:

Ad maiora veniamus.

Maiora sequor.

Maiores sequor.

Magna est res scire vivere, maior scire mori.

Cede maiori.

Maioresque cadunt altis de montibus umbrae.

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam

Adversis maior, par secundis.

Fuge procul a viro maiore.

Maiori concede; minori parce.

Perdes maiora, minora nisi servaveris.

Ubi maior est, minor cedat.

Qui maiora cupit, saepe minora capit.

Qui potest maius, potest et minus.

Disce minori parcere, maiori cedere, ferre parem.

Ad maiora nati sumus.

Parvum servabis, donec maiora parabis.

Ubi peccat aetas maior, male discit minor.

Maiori cede, sed non contemne minorem!

Voluptate animi nulla potest esse maior.

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