Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Verbum Hodiernum: AT

Today's word is the conjunction AT. As a conjunction, at conveys the idea both of addition and also qualification or contrast, which can be translated with English "moreover" or "but," although it is hard to find an exact English equivalent for the Latin. The best way to get familiar with Latin at is to study the context each time you find the word, seeing how it is used to introduce the new, contrasting, surprising, qualifying idea that builds on the previous statement.

Here are some examples of today's word in Latin sayings and proverbs:

At spes non fracta.

Non verbis, at factis opus est.

Terra corpus est, at mens ignis est.

Loqui nescit, at tacere non potest.

Dicendo ineptus, at silere non potest.

Mederis aliis, ipse at ulceribus scates.

Loquere quidem, at ne tangito.

Poscunt fidem secunda, at adversa exigunt.

Populus me sibilat, at mihi plaudo.

Est lingua quibusdam, molares at aliis.

Omnes cupimus, at non licet ditescere.

Ditescere omnes volumus, at non possumus.

Bene vivere omnes volumus, at non possumus.

Ficus avibus gratae, at plantare nolunt.

Non vivimus ut expetimus, at ut possumus.

Robur confirmat labor, at longa otia solvunt.

Dum umbra fugit, homo transit, at Deus est.

Mons monti non miscetur, at vero homo homini.

Propositum mutat sapiens, at stultus inhaeret.

Honores mutant mores, at non saepe in meliores.

Clitellam plectis, at fuerat plectendus asellus.

Asino quis fabulam narrabat: at ille movebat aures.

Tenacissima iniuriae memoria, at beneficii brevissima.


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