Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Verbum Hodiernum: AMO

Today's word is a verb that everyone loves to love: AMO (amo, amare, amavi, amatum). A few weeks ago, I blogged about the noun form, amor, so you might want to take a look at that entry, too.

Of course, there are lots of English words from this Latin root - "amatory," "amorous," etc. Via French, we get English "paramour" and "amateur," too!

Here are some examples of today's word in Latin sayings and proverbs; for more information, see the page at the Scala Sapientiae, which contains notes on some of the proverbs cited below, as well as additional proverbs:

Ut ameris, amabilis esto.

Si vis amari, ama.

Ut ameris, ama.

Deus ante omnia amandus.

Qui nihil amat, quid ei homini opus vita est?

Vivamus et amemus.

Vivamus atque amemus.

Vere amat qui gratis amat.

Est miser omnis amans.

Quem amat deus, moritur iuvenis.

Nihil amantibus durum est.

Parentes ama.

Ama proximum.

Cum amamus, tum perimus.

Qui amat periculum, in illo peribit.

Pacem amo.

Praestat amari quam timeri.

Litus ama, altum alii teneant.

Coniugem ama.

Amicum proba; probatum, ama.

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